the chevy music showcase

Over a period of five years, I directed and produced about 400 videos in support of local music scenes in four markets, including 7 half-hour television specials and full-length performance videos all with original performance audio. This became a passion project for nearly every person who came to work on our crew and we are grateful to the Chevy dealers who supported our vision for high quality, locally produced branded entertainment.

While we cannot claim to have "discovered" Leon Bridges, I can say that when we booked him for our show he was still washing dishes at Frisco's Grill and didn't even have a fan page on Facebook. He even had to borrow a guitar for his performances on our show! Within a year of our shoot he toured the world and was nominated for a Grammy. Way to go Leon!



Music Audience Exchange is an amazing company out of Dallas, Texas who employs some sweet technology to match brands with musical artists and then creates highly targeted content and live activation campaigns customized to the brand's precise needs. It's pretty cool, and I'm happy to have done some of their premium content for Dr. Pepper as well as their own company identity video.